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A family owned business founded in 1991. We pride ourselves on our strategic partnerships first and foremost and the quality of products that we market and sell. The success of World Import Distributors is driven by our ability to fulfill three main functions:

  • Importer of fine cheeses across a broad European geography
  • Distributor of specialty cheeses from both the US and Europe
  • National marketing organization with a regional sales force to work directly with cheese makers, bringing their crafted products to market

We are an importer and distributor as well as a sales force for specialty cheeses and other perishables in the United States. We import cheeses direct from France, Spain, Italy and Holland and have several key relationships with our partner producers. For more information about our imported catalog, please contact us at sales@widcheese.com.

We also work closely with several Wisconsin dairies to help market, brand, and distribute domestic cheeses throughout the USA. Among the brands we market, two of them are proprietary brands of World Import Distributors, both produced in North America - Silver Goat® Chevre and The Cultured Way® Yogurt Cheese.

World Import Distributors Brands

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